Behaviour Consultation

What are behaviour consultations?

Our behaviour consultation service provides assessment and intervention related to a child’s cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioural issues of concern. Our psychologists work with a child, their educators and family to determine why a behaviour is occurring and what factors may be contributing to it. Examples of behaviours our psychologists provide support for include:

  • aggression (physical and verbal)
  • anxiety
  • non-compliance
  • poor attachment relationships
  • self-harm
  • running away

How can we help?

Our behaviour consultations can help a child develop better coping skills, help educators and parents to respond appropriately to behaviours, and help meet a child’s needs in a more appropriate way. 

What happens in the sessions?

Over 4 sessions we will work with your service to explore behavioural, developmental or family issues of concern, increase your knowledge and understanding of these issues, create goals for change, and support the implementation of recommendations and strategies. We will gather information through assessments, semi-structured interviews, and observations, as well as provide information and training through consultation notes, handouts, and in-service workshops.

Please note, to proceed with this service, the child’s parents/guardian and primary educator must give written consent to participate in the service.