Professional Supervision

Why access our professional supervision?

Being a early childhood educator can bring with it immense joy and a lot of stress and difficult emotions. Despite the many rewards, workplace stress is often experienced by early childhood professionals in children’s services. High staff turnover, challenging workloads, time constraints, and lack of professional recognition can leave educators feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or unmotivated. If left unresolved, ongoing exposure to workplace stress can create negative feelings, staff conflict, and possibly result in ‘burnout’. It can also result in educators being insensitive and unresponsive to the needs of children, and diminish their capacity to provide high quality pedagogy and professional practice.

How can we help?

Our supervision offers an opportunity to debrief and identify and resolve individual and professional issues.

What happens in the sessions?

During your 1 hour session your supervisor will ask questions, encourage you to talk about ‘what’s on your mind’, offer new ways to think about things, and new frameworks from which to practice. There is no ‘set number’ of sessions and we will continue to provide supervision for as long as needed.