Our Work with Parents

Parenting is both a wonderful and challenging experience. Being a parent can bring with it immense joy and a lot of stress and difficult emotions. If you’re finding parenting more challenging than you imagined, you are not alone.

How we can help

Our psychologist offer in home counselling to help you navigate confusion around changing roles and responsibilities, the stress of developmental issues and difficult behaviour, and learning to nurture yourself, so you are strong enough to be the parent you want to be.

We offer parents the opportunity to meet other parents and learn more about parenting in Circle of Security® Parenting™. Our highly trained facilitators have the specialist skills and experience required to help you develop a deeper understanding and confidence in your parenting.

We offer parents the most up to date information and resources to help you navigate the online world of parenting.


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Circle of Security® Parenting™

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Information and Resources

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