Circle of Security® Parenting™

What is Circle of Security® Parenting™?

The internationally acclaimed Circle of Security® Parenting™ is a relationship based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children. This intervention program was founded by Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, and Bert Powell, three psychotherapists from the United States. This program reflects over 50 years of research on the long-term impact of the parent/child relationship in the early years and attachment theory.

Parents will receive essential training through DVD clips and reflective questioning, based on the Circle of Security graphic and intervention model. This training will help increase each parent’s awareness of their child’s needs and how to respond to and meet those needs in a way that builds a secure relationship. Parents will be given the knowledge and skills to look beyond their child’s immediate behaviour to meet their genuine relationship needs.

Topics covered include:

  • The lifelong benefits of a secure relationship with your child
  • Recognising and understanding your child’s emotional needs
  • How to support your child’s independence
  • How to support your child’s need for closeness and intimacy
  • How to promote the development of empathy in your child
  • Understanding why sometimes your child’s behaviour causes a negative reaction in you
  • How to handle your child’s emotional ‘meltdowns’
  • How this model provides effective discipline

How can this course help?

Parents will learn how to recognise their child’s emotional needs and respond to their behaviours in ways that promote greater resilience, fewer behavioural difficulties, better relationships with peers and family, improved self-esteem, better regulation of emotions and enhanced school readiness.

If you ever find yourself asking the following questions you will find this program very helpful:

  • Why would she behave like this just to get attention? Is there something wrong with him? Why does my child know just how to push my buttons?
  • Why does my child ask so much of me? I don’t feel connected to my child, what do I do?
  • Why do some of my child’s behaviours affect me so much?

Who should attend?

Circle of Security® Parenting™ has been developed for parents and carers of children aged between 0-5. Whether you are struggling with your parenting role or wanting tips on how to be the best parent you can be, you will find this program to be invaluable.

What is the course length and cost?

This course is presented in 16 hours, over an 8-10 week period. The cost of this course is $310 per person or $495 per pair. Our group size is between 8 to 18 people. Please note, if you have been referred to Carers Connection by your GP, you may be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate of up to $21.65 per group session where a Mental Health Care Plan is in place.


Be Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, and Kind

At the heart of secure attachment is a child’s recognition that s/he has a parent who can be counted on to lovingly provide tenderness, comfort, firm guidance and protection during the inevitable difficulties of life. If the truth be told, all of us have this need some of the time, no matter what our age.